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Uncovering a Secret Legacy of Mobsters, Money, and Murder
By Jana Marcus

When a Newspaper article about a murdered mobster from the 1940s is discovered in her grandmother's secret drawer, award-winning photographer and author Jana Marcus is launched into a decades-long quest to uncover her family's hidden history and solve a 75-year-old cold-case. But the search is a mere prologue to a far greater puzzle that takes her deep into the origins of her Jewish immigrant roots, corruption at the highest levels of New York's justice system, and a dark underworld of racketeers, gamblers, and self-made millionaires ­– all leading to one of the greatest unsolved murders in mob history.


From lies and sealed records to mysterious phone calls and revelations, her labyrinthine journey examines the complexity of family, eerie messages from beyond the grave, and the greed that drives men to murder. Accompanied by a retired NYPD detective, a crime scene psychic, and a revolving door of characters, Marcus' search culminates in an explosive on-the-ground investigation, as she uncovers the shocking secrets of her father's family and threads together a history, not only of her clan, but of New York itself.

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5.5"x8.5" Trade Paperback
368 pages


ISBN: 978-0-9833434-3-1

Ebook: $5.99

ISBN  978-0-9833434-5-5

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Line of Blood is an intriguing, true-life family saga, a story of secrets and crimes hushed up for generations, leading back to the greatest unsolved mob murder in our history. It is both poignant memoir and intriguing murder mystery that you won't be able to pull away from.

– Kevin Baker, New York Times bestselling author of Paradise Alley


Jana Marcus is a genius storyteller.  I am not even particularly interested in the mob and their past, but one page into Line of Blood and I was instantly enthralled by this dark treasure hunt of history and family. Like that, I found myself intensely and passionately interested in these people, in Jana, and everyone else she brings to living-breathing-dying life. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to learn what she had discovered. 

– Stacy Horn, Author of The Restless Sleep and Damnation Island

By Jana Marcus
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This is powerful stuff! Transfigurations is deeply moving.  Marcus captures the dignity of people with clarity and honesty, calling forth the hope that many closed minds may be opened and many faint hearts be mended.

Dennis J. Dunleavy, Ph.D., Department of Communication, Southern Oregon University


A bold, gutsy visual feast—not just for the eyes, but for the heart and soul. In her courageous endeavor to explore gender, Jana Marcus takes us along a hypnotic ride that invites us to question everything we think we might know about ‘man,’ ‘woman’ and the typically uncharted waters in between. Stunning!

Greg Archer, San Francicso Chronicle

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