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Line of Blood
Uncovering a Secret Legacy of Mobster, Money, and Murder

By Jana Marcus
5.5"x8.5" Trade Paperback
368 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9833434-3-1

Ebook: ISBN  978-0-9833434-5-5



When a newspaper article about a murdered mobster from the 1940s is discovered in her grandmother's secret drawer, award-winning photographer and author Jana Marcus is launched into a decades-long quest to uncover her family's hidden history and solve a 75-year-old cold-case. But the search is a mere prologue to a far greater puzzle that takes her deep into the origins of her Jewish immigrant roots, corruption at the highest levels of New York's justice system, and a dark underworld of racketeers, gamblers, and self-made millionaires – all leading to one of the greatest unsolved murders in mob history.

From lies and sealed records to mysterious phone calls and revelations, her labyrinthine journey examines the complexity of family, eerie messages from beyond the grave, and the greed that drives men to murder. Accompanied by a retired NYPD detective, a crime scene psychic, and a revolving door of characters, Marcus' search culminates in an explosive on-the-ground investigation, as she uncovers the shocking secrets of her father's family and threads together a history, not only of her clan, but of New York itself.

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The Creatives Among Us:
Celebrating 20 Years of the Gail Rich Awards & the Artists of Santa Cruz County

Photos by Shmuel Thaler
Text by Wallace Baine
11 x 8.75 inches
172 pages
Softback Limited Edition


Photographer Shmuel Thaler and arts journalist Wallace Baine celebrate 20 years of artists in Santa Cruz County who have defined the community and exemplified the restless spirit of the creative life. In one of the largest arts communities in the country, Thaler and Baine started the Gail Rich Award in 1997, in memory of arts activist and promoter Gail Rich, honoring several artists every year in different genres for theIr contributions to the community and their art forms. Over 150 photographs with forewords by Nikki SIlva and Neal Hellman. Click HERE for more information.


ISBN# 978-0-9833434-2-4


Softback edition $39.95


By Jana Marcus
Foreword by Jamison Green
12x12 inches
144 pages

Known for her compassionate and revealing photographic images of underground subcultures, documentary photographer Jana Marcus brings to book format her award-winning work, Transfigurations, a startling and ground-breaking photographic series on the transgender community.


ISBN # 978-0-9833434-0-0 (SB)
ISBN # 978-0-9833434-1-7 (HB)


Softback edition $35 - $25 online special!




Hardback limited edition $50 - $40 online special!

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In The Shadow of the Vampire

by Jana Marcus

Foreword by Katherine Ramsland

7 x 10 inches

140 pages
Publisher: Thunder's Mouth Pr; 1 edition (November 1997)
ISBN-10: 1560251476
ISBN-13: 978-1560251477

Photojournalist Marcus compiles the thoughts and moody, moony photos of a hundred attendees at Rice's annual Gathering of the Coven Ball.... For every partygoer who enthuses about blood-drinking rituals, 10 more thoughtfully grapple with Rice's work, persona, and commercialism (they're not thrilled with her Lestat-themed restaurant). This passionate subculture comes, if not quite alive, then certainly undead on the page. -- Entertainment Weekly


Softback originally $19.95 - $9.99 online special!


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