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Book Signing Success!

The launch of "The Creatives Among Us" was a huge success. Over 90 people attended Shmuel Thaler and Wallace Baine's talk and signing at Bookshop Santa Cruz. Many past Gail Rich Award honorees were in attendance and autographing each other's books!

Thaler and Baine also officially announced the 2016 Rich Award honorees. They are:

Angelo Grova, Artist & Owner of Michaelangelo Studios Neil Hellman, Music Producer & Musician Jana Marcus, Photographer & Author Gayle & Joe Ortiz, Artists & Philanthropists Tom Ralston, Concrete Artisan Catherine Segurson, Editor & Art Director

Author Wallace Baine, book designer and 2016 Gail Rich Award Honoree Jana Marcus, and photographer Shmuel Thaler at the book launch on Nov. 23, 2015.

Past Gail Rich honorees Charles Prentiss and Nikki Silva, autographing books.

Frank Lima displays his image in the book with pride!

Shmuel & Wallace's talk.

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